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Annual renewals are due one (1) year from approval date.  You will receive a renewal email reminder approximately one (1) month prior to membership expiration.

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Active Membership

Membership categories are defined by the Board of Directors and may be added to or subtracted from if deemed to benefit the MCPI per the ByLaws.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP - typically $125 per year - REDUCED $50 for 2021

To become an Active Member, the applicant must:

  • Be a valid credential holder under the Private Detective License Act, Public Act 285 of 1965, as amended by Public Act 474 of 2002 (Act 285);

  • Have a minimum of two years verifiable investigative experience (insurance- adjusting experience shall not be considered for purposes of membership)

  • Give two references

  • Be investigated by the MCPI Membership Committee

The applicant will be investigated by the Membership Committee who will submit the application with the results of the investigation to the Board of Directors for their vote. The Board will meet and cast ballots as to whether the applicant should be admitted to membership. To be acceptable, an applicant must be elected by a 50% plus 1 vote.

Upon failure to be elected by the Board, the applicant may appeal to a vote of the General Membership at the next scheduled meeting. The applicant will be given 15 minutes to address the membership and all qualified voters will cast ballots.

Active Membership confers all the privileges of membership including voice and voting rights.