MCPI’s Unlicensed Activity Committee

MCPI’s Unlicensed Activity Committee (UAC) is a committee composed of Licensed Professional Private Investigators (LPPI) who are MCPI members.  The UAC investigates complaints of suspected unlicensed investigator activity in Michigan.  These complaints may be from other Investigators or may be from the public.  The purpose of the UAC investigations is to ensure that the Investigators operating in Michigan are licensed and therefore meet a particular standard.  This protects the public as well as other Investigators.

The UAC’s purpose does not include complaints from Investigators or the general public in regard to performance issues, collections or any time of work or monetary dispute.  The UAC’s sole function is to take action to determine whether or not an Investigator or Investigative Entity is in fact currently licensed to operate in the state of Michigan.

If you have reason to question whether or not an investigative entity is licensed, first please try using the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs licensed entity site at

If you cannot locate the entity at the LARA site, please report this on the following form, and send to MCPI's Sergeant at Arms James Schoenherr    jim

Complaint Form 

Download in [PDF] or [Microsoft Word]